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You are working in IT and want to progress your career by becoming a speaker? Learn how to create your first talk.

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About the book

This book will guide you through your very first talk as a developer. It will help you find the right idea, structure your thoughts and build a talk that is both instructive and reflects your individual experiences. You will learn about the different types of conferences and talks as well as how to get a speaking slot at an event that supports your first talk. A lot of small but important habits for the situation on stage will help you be well-prepared. Additionally, you will learn what to do after your talk to get the most out of the experience.

About the author

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Steven Schwenke is a dedicated software craftsman who has given more than 200 talks and workshops, has organized regular IT meetings and conferences and wants to help other developers to be able to share their own experiences. In more than 10 years of experience in different roles of software development, including international and remote teams, Steven learned that sharing knowledge is the key to a successful self-development in IT. In the beginning, every developer benefits from the know-how of other coders. However, sharing thoughts by talking about them will open a variety of new options and a new understanding of the topic. Steven has already walked that path and is happy to help you walk it, too.

An easy-to-read step-by-step guide for future speakers.

– Karsten Wirz
IT Manager


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Chapter One: Introduction

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Table of contents

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If you'd like to give your first talk on stage or even if you already performed as a speaker, you should definitely read this book. With humor and intuition, Steven shows how easy it can be to give a talk. You will learn all the necessary steps and how to solve them successfully from one of the most dedicated speakers I know.

– Florian Hensel
Developer and Speaker

I was lucky to get my hands on Steven’s book right when I started thinking of giving my first technical talk. The book served as a great preparation course for me and covered everything I needed to know to get started: from choosing a topic to performing well during the talk itself. The book was also a joy to read, and I took countless notes. All in all, I recommend this book to all developers, even those who aren’t thinking of giving tech talks, yet. This book will convince them that they have a story to tell and will equip them with the tools to turn a vague idea into a successful presentation.

– Nadia Zhuk
Developer, Author of "Crossing the Rubycon"

This practical guide is packed with lots of great tips from a very experienced speaker. If you want to give a talk sometime in the future but have little to no experience, then this book will prepare you very well.

– Lisa Rosenberg
Developer and Speaker

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Additonal Information

Interview with Steven

I have been interviewed about the background story of the book. This interview is in German only.

Online Course

To support new speakers even more, there is an online course in which we present the content of the book as a workshop. You will create your first talk together with experienced mentors over the course of three months:

  • Tuesday, 13th of July 2021: Introduction and Q&A
  • Tuesday, 27th of July 2021: Choosing the topic and kind of talk
  • Tuesday, 10th of August 2021: Choosing a conference
  • Tuesday, 24th of August 2021: Answering a call for papers
  • Tuesday, 7th of September 2021: Preparing your talk
  • Tuesday, 21th of September 2021: The talk
  • Tuesday, 5th of October 2021: Online talk
  • Tuesday, 12th of October 2021: Post-processing and Q&A

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This course will only be in German. If you are interested in an English version, please let me know by writing an email to


I'm looking forward to your interest.

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